24" Orchid Flower Blue

Splendid, Strange, Rare, Exotic, Exquisite.


24" Wide x 22" Tall x 15" Deep

This 24” orchid flower is a handmade wall hanging metal sculpture that is created entirely from stainless steel. This bloom is based of of the Phaleonopsis orchid flower which I have always found to be incredibly beautiful. The bilateral symmetry is quite intriguing and the delicate complexity mixed with vibrant colors is stunning to me. I made an 11 inch version a little while back and it was fun to redesign the phaleonopsis to be larger because it required a keen eye to intricacy as the larger size requires more detail and precision in order for it to read properly.

This vibrant blue patina design with colorful veins was fun because i could get very detailed with the forking nature of the vein patterns. And having the blue background has them pop in a striking manner!

This sculpture is completely safe to be kept outdoors!

Large blue orchid flower with white veins.

Artist Aiden Dale with large blue orchid flower with white veins.

Large blue orchid flower with white veins tilted.

Close up of large blue orchid flower with white veins.