Delicate, sensitive, powerful, striking, bright.


17' wide x 38" tall x 11" deep


A close friend of mine would have numerous amaryllises each winter. This year I went over to visit and she had probably 20 of them blooming in all manner of shapes and colors. Each stunningly beautiful in its own unique way.

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Metal amaryllis sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with his stainless steel amaryllis sculpture
Close up of metal amaryllis flower
Close up of stainless steel amaryllis leaves
Close up of metal amaryllis bulb.
Close up of metal amaryllis stem

Some with huge blooms that had colors that seemed impossibly rich. The stamen curled down in a strikingly elegant manner. And all of this bursting forth from one singular stalk. It seemed impossible that this plant existed. And I was immediately inspired to make one. I went through many different iterations of flower with different grind patterns on the petals before settling on my favorite. I really enjoyed adding tiny little grind details throughout the plant to tie all its brilliant areas together. I added ground colorful stripes to the bulb to ground the powerful color of the blossom. I then did a very subtle color fade along the stem to balance the overall look and added little ground flecks of color to tie in the almost jewelry-like brilliance from the petals. This sculpture is completely safe to be kept outdoors!

This handmade amaryllis or belladonna lily sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is safe to be kept outdoors!