Lively, elaborate, predator, decorative


52" long x 18" tall x 9" deep

This handmade arowana fish sculpture is metal wall art made entirely of stainless steel. When I was a little boy my aunt had an arowana and I was fascinated by it. I mean it had a trap door mouth, large beautiful scales, ribbed fins and a soul patch to boot! I love repetition and have wanted to make a fish where i created every scale individually. This was a perfect candidate as the scales are large and beautifully patterned with the lateral line of scales adding a gorgeous swooping detail. This fish is made up of 125 individual pieces including 105 individual scales. I also tried a new eye design for this fish with added depth so one can actually look into the eye. Overall I really love this fish! This sculpture is completely safe to be kept outdoors!

Metal arowana sculpture

Artist Aiden Dale with metal arowana sculpture

Arowana sculpture head close up

Arowana sculpture scales close up

Arowana sculpture fin close up

Arowana sculpture tail close up