Iridescent, glassy, precious, ornamental.


36" tall x 15" wide x 5" deep

This polished metal beetle sculpture is wall hanging and is handmade entirely out of stainless steel. I have always been drawn to iridescent beetles and in my searches i found this one (Campsosternus mirabilis). This project was very time consuming as i had to polish the shell to a mirror finish before coloring. Many coloring techniques failed which meant repeating the polishing process but finally i figured out this color pattern and though slightly different than its natural form I love how it turned out! Also it doubles as a fun distorting mirror that really embellishes goofy face competitions. This sculpture must be kept indoors.

Polished metal beetle sculpture
‍Polished metal beetle sculpture

Close up of polished metal beetle sculpture
‍Close up of polished metal beetle sculpture