Black Skimmer

Unique, peculiar, distinct, specialized.


38" wide x 31" tall x 9" deep


A client reached out specifically asking me to create a black skimmer for his wife as it was her favorite bird. I love when I get requests for unique sculptures. And the black skimmer certainly falls under that category for me.

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Stainless steel black skimmer bird metal sculpture.

Sculptor Aiden Dale with his black skimmer sculpture.

Detail photo of black simmer sculpture's.

Black skimmer sculpture wing detail shot.

These birds have a unique look with their lower beak being much larger than their top beak. They glide along the water and skim their lower beak along the surface of the water and snap up fish as the pass them. I have been aware of this bird for a while but never considered making one but it was a fun challenge.

Since black is not a color I can get with heat patinas I decided to make it with blues and purples instead. And then I ground in the feather details colored the golds as they are a colder color, and finally ground in all the silver details.

This sculpture is wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors.