Blue Crab

Intimidating, tenacious, vibrant, armored.


36" wide x 35" tall x 11" deep

This metal blue crab sculpture is wall hanging and handmade entirely out of stainless steel. As someone who has grown up in North Carolina summer beach trips have always been something i have looked forward to. And I have always loved crabbing. Ever since i was a kid i have been mesmerized by the stunning blue of their claws and the natural curvature and the beautiful spines of their shells. This too went through many iterations before I could get the shell and legs to play nicely with each other. But they seem to be friends and work well together now, which is a relief! This sculpture comes in two sizes see below images for reference and it must be kept indoors.

Stainless steel metal blue crab sculpture (3')

Artist Aiden Dale with 3' blue crab sculpture

Close up of 3' blue crab sculpture shell

Close up of blue crab sculpture claws

Artist Aiden Dale lifting his 3' blue crab sculpture

Artist Aiden Dale with 2' blue crab sculpture.