Blue Lobster

Articulated, plated, robust, powerful.


36" tall x 24" wide x 12" deep

This metal blue lobster sculpture is wall hanging and made entirely of stainless steel. The first metal sculpture i ever made was a lobster. They of course lend themselves well to metal with their beautiful repetitive, layered exoskeleton. I love the flowering affect that the tail, and the leg cuffs on either side of the body have. I am particularly pleased with the facial structure with all the antenna and their housings as well as the silver detail within the large claw. I feel the blue really shows of the natural beauty of the overlapping segments present in lobsters. This sculpture is completely safe to be kept outdoors!

Metal blue lobster sculpture
Metal blue lobster sculpture

Artist Aiden Dale with his blue lobster and striped lobster
Aiden Dale with blue lobster and striped lobster sculpures

Metal blue lobster sculpture going for a walk
‍Metal blue lobster sculpture going for a walk