Brilliant, raucous, astute, clever, quirky.


40" wide x 19" tall x 10" deep


I created this crow as a gift for my good friend Leon who is an incredible photographer and spent a day with me taking photos for my album cover and booklet. I had asked him if there was any sculpture he may enjoy and he mentioned he like crows, coyotes and turtles. I have always loved crows, their quirky personalities, their incredible intelligence and their beautiful plumage. So I decided to go with a crow!

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Stainless steel crow sculpture colored using only torches.

Artist Aiden Dale with his metal wall hanging crow sculpture.

Closeup of metal crow sculptures head.

Closeup of stainless steel crow sculptures talons or feet.

It was interesting to create a black bird with my color pallet. I decided to focus on purple with some blues as crows and other black birds can iridesce to be purply blue. I then ground in all the feather detail and bring in some golds to create detail and distinction. And ultimately I feel it worked out quite well and reads as a crow not as a blue or purple bird. I wanted to make this crow with its wings folded in because for some reason I always imagine crows on a branch peering down or hopping along on the ground. But to have a crow hanging on the wall just floating there felt strange so I decided to create a branch for it to be sitting on. This allowed for a more natural wall hanging look and let the branch double as a support to hold it off the wall a bit. The dimensions above are for the whole piece branch included. The dimensions for the crow alone are 28" wide by 14" tall by 6" deep.

This crow sculpture is wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors!