Dogwood Branch

Delicate, southern, North Carolina, elegant, cheerful.


80" wide x 70" tall x 14" deep


I was asked by a local client to create a large dogwood branch to hang in her house overlooking her dining room table. More about the process below. After creating the large sculpture for her I created medium and small versions of flowering dogwood branch sculpture those images and sizes are pictured below as well!

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Large metal dogwood sculpture measuring 80" wide by 70" tall by 14" deep

Artist Aiden Dale with his large stainless steel dogwood sculpture for scale.

Close up from large metal dogwood sculpture to show some details

Close up of the end of the large dogwood sculptures branch to show the growth rings.

Close up of the branch and bark of the large metal dogwood sculpture.

Super close up of a stainless steel dogwood flower.

Here is a medium version of a dogwood branch that measures 32" wide by 22" tall by 8" deep

Artist Aiden Dale with his medium sized metal dogwood sculpture

Small single flower stainless steel dogwood sculpture measuring 8" wide by 14" tall by 3" deep

Artist Aiden Dale with his small dogwood branch sculpture.

The large dogwood sculpture has 61 flowers and 98 leaves and over 1,000 individual hand cut stamen! I hid hangers in the crotches of branches. The coloring technique used on the leaves will fade if hung outside but it is safe to be kept inside! I was very excited when approached with this project for many reasons, first large detailed projects are my favorite to dive into as they really allow for me to focus in on the subject matter and create the best sculpture I can! And while tedious and time consuming the satisfaction of completing such a project makes all the repetitive hours worth it! I also love the projects that are delicate in nature as I find it fun to create these light fragile looking pieces out of such a hard and permanent material like stainless steel. I also personally love dogwoods as they are the state flower of North Carolina where I grew up and currently live.