Dracula Orchid

Fanciful, delicate, whimsical, dazzling.


18" wide x 29" tall x 5" deep


I have wanted to create sculptures of different types of orchids for a while other than the common phalaenopsis. And I still want to make many more! There are so many incredibly unique fascinating orchids out there. So when I was approached by a client asking for a Dracula orchid sculpture I was very excited.

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Stainless steel Dracula orchid wall hanging metal sculpture.

Artist Aiden Dale with his metal Dracula orchid sculpture.

Dracula orchid metal sculpture closeup.

Dracula orchid detail shot.

She had an amazing orchid installation with a large log with tons of different orchid varieties planted in and around it and she wanted a sculpture to add to her piece. We landed on the Dracula orchid. I had seen these before but not with the detailed striping before. I had only seen the ones that look a bit like a little monkey face. But when I saw the intricate striping with the dark purply black color I was transfixed. I love getting requests for unique rare things as they are my favorite to make but often harder to find clients for in galleries or online so when I get an inquiry like this I always get excited! 

As for the technique this is pretty straightforward just time consuming and detail oriented. I started by coloring the whole orchid blue on the tips and faded it to purple in the middle and then I came back through carefully with my pencil grinder and ground in all the stripes and then colored the gold and orange colors (cooler colors) overtop. Then cold shaped it and welded it together! Then bada bing bada bloom doneso! 

This sculpture is wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors.