Fierce, powerful, kind, rooted, stalwart.


108" wingspan x 84" long x 58" tall

This metal dragon sculpture is free standing and made entirely of stainless steel and colored using only heat patinas. I was immediately excited when my dear friend Alexander approached me and asked me to create a large dragon for his farm as I had been wanting an opportunity to showcase some of my abilities and create something large and detailed. I also have always loved dragons and have wanted to make one for quite some time. They are magical powerful mythical animals and I was born during the year of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac. I have always wanted to get into large scale public art and this is the first piece I feel fits into that category and hopefully it can help open some doors for future opportunities! This dragon is by far the most challenging, intricate, detailed piece I have made to date standing 5 feet tall with a 9 foot wingspan and covered with 1583 individual scales and 49 chest and neck plates. I started by looking at reference photos including game of thrones dragons but they are the types of dragons where the wings are connected to the front arms and I wanted the wings to be separate. I had a clear image of what I wanted it to look like but couldn't find the appropriate reference photos so I decided to contact my good friend Konstantin Kahl who is an incredibly talented illustrator. He created some beautiful sketches that really helped me wrap my mind around the movement and fluidity of this creature. I then created a skeleton using 84 linear feet of 1/8 inch rod and added a strong internal structure within that made up of 37 linear feet of tubing ranging from 3/8" thick to 2" thick. I then created the hands, feet, head, wings and fins and over 1600 individual scales. This was a long challenging process but I am incredibly happy with how she turned out.

Also Emily Frachtling a wonderfully artistic and skilled filmmaker who also happens to be one of my closest friends filmed the entire process and is creating a short film about it. So stay tuned for that! I will also be writing a blog article with in process photos!

Metal Dragon Sculpture with 1574 individual scales created by sculptor Aiden Dale.

Metal dragon sculpture created entirely out of stainless steel by artist Aiden Dale.

Artist Aiden Dale with his metal dragon sculpture.

Underside of metal dragon sculpture preparing to take flight by artist Aiden Dale!

Closeup of metal dragon head created by sculptor Aiden Dale.

Closeup hand of metal dragon sculpture by artist Aiden Dale.

Closeup of tail metal dragon sculpture by artist Aiden Dale.