Elongated Triangle

Elegant, wooden, natural


These hand made earrings are made of various domestic and exotic woods. None of them have been colored or stained in any way. All the colors are natural. I have always been blown away by the colors that occur naturally in different woods and I love how working with wood is far more organic than other materials like metal.  You need to respect wood as a material differently and see what it will allow. Each piece differs in grain pattern and may warp or shift or crack but often paying attention to those “imperfections” gives me an opportunity to create something more beautiful. I have worked with wood since i was a little boy and always find myself coming back to it. I love creating wearable art and trying to accent the beautify of the human form by creating a piece that follows the curve of a cheek or works in harmony with the face to create a synergistic relationship! Once completed I sprayed these earrings with a satin clear coat to protect the wood from wear. Since each is hand made every earring will vary slightly in shape and wood color. There may be grain marks, or sanding lines visible in some earrings.

These earrings have silver plated findings and are made with cherry, padauk, purple heart, black walnut and maple

These earrings have silver plated findings and are made with purple heart and cedar.