Flowering Eye

Mesmerizing, complex, organic, feeling.


23" wide x 23" tall x 7" deep


I created this sculpture for my dear friend Joshua and his family after recording my first album with him at his home in Utah! Fun fact the eye itself is created out of a tea kettle with the iris made out of the kettles lid!

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Metal flowering eye sculpture
Close up of stainless steel flowering eye sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with metal flowering eye sculpture
Eye see you... close up of flowering eye sculpture
Stainless steel flowering eye sculpture tilted
Metal flowering eye sculpture side view to show depth
Artist Aiden Dale with stainless steel flowering eye sculpture

Eyes are one of the most strikingly beautiful things to me. Whenever I draw someone I always start with the eyes because if I can't capture life in the eyes there is no point in continuing. I have been wanting to create eyes out of metal for years and then one day i saw a stainless tea kettle and it clicked... it's a pre made eye it just needs some color and a few details added! Getting the eyelashes to work was more challenging than I expected but I am ultimately happy with how it turned out. And the flowering petals coming from around the eye just organically happened in my sketch book and I thought it would be a fun thing to bring to life! I really love how this one ended up! I have many more eyedeas (see what I did there...) that I am very excited to bring to life involving eyes! And I'm hoping this will be the entry point into more explorations of the human form!

This metal flowering eye sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is completely safe to be kept outdoors!