Fork Earrings

Reuse, stainless steel, fork, elegant.


These are hand made fork earrings. Each pair of earrings is made up of one fork split down the center and then shaped using torches before sand blasting them to create a sparkled matte finish. I love repurposing everyday items and trying to find the elegance in forms we take for granted because we are so familiar with them. I think if you can achieve shifting them into place where they are barely recognizable but still have a bit of their past use it is exciting almost like they hold a little riddle of what they once were. I love creating wearable art and trying to accent the beautify of the human form by creating a piece that follows the curve of a cheek or works in harmony with the face to create a synergistic relationship!

Since each pair is hand made every earring will vary slightly in shape and there may be some visible tool marks.