Ginkgo Biloba Branch

Elegant, graceful, beautiful, vivacious.


31" wide x 23" tall x 9" deep.


So first off you may be wondering is it spelled Ginkgo or Gingko? Turns out both are acceptable! But Ginkgo is the more common spelling so I'm gonna roll with that one! Everyone seems to agree on Biloba.

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Metal ginkgo biloba branch sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with his ginkgo biloba branch sculpture
Close up of ginkgo biloba leaf
Closeup of ginkgo biloba sculpture leaf
Artist Aiden Dale with his Ginkgo Biloba branch sculpture... it really makes you think huh?

Ok now that we have that sorted this amazing plant is not only beautiful but used medicinally to treat dementia, Alzheimer's, fatigue, anxiety and more! Anyway I digress I have always found ginkgo leaves to be incredibly elegant and beautiful and I have wanted to create a ginkgo sculpture for quite some time. So I decided to make a sculpture as a gift for one of my dearest friends who has a particular affinity for them. I think the gingko leaves lend themselves particularly well to metal with their vibrant golden autumn color. (Did I manage to sneak the alternate spelling past you?) This project was a joy to make and I am quite pleased with how it turned out!

This metal Ginkgo Biloba sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely out of stainless steel and is completely safe to be kept outdoors!