Bucolic, lurid, bright.


27" wide x 29" tall x 11" deep


A good friend of mine and my mother reached out to me requesting a large hibiscus flower. I was delighted at the opportunity to create something fro her and more specifically that she wanted a hibiscus!

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Stainless steel hibiscus flower sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with hibiscus sculpture
Stainless steel hibiscus sculpture close up
Metal hibiscus sculpture stamen close up
Metal hibiscus leaf close up
Metal hibiscus sculpture leaves
Hibiscus sculpture side view

I have always loved these flowers with their vibrant color and the way the petals spiral out from the center overlapping each other. I also love the complex stamen and style of these flowers! The stamen bundle was quite the challenge on this one as it is very complex. I couldn't get the anther to weld onto the filament as they are too delicate so I had to make an artistic choice and leave them off on this design. I never like doing this but I think the overall effect still works quite well!

This metal hibiscus sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and must be kept indoors.