Dainty, vibrant, fragrant, distinctive.


16 wide x 32 tall x 6 deep


I feel like anytime I stop to really look at any flower I find myself wanting to make it out of metal! Irises have been on my list for a while with their unique bloom structure and beautiful rhizomes!

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Stainless steel iris sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with metal iris sculpture
Stainless iris sculpture bloom close up
Steel iris sculpture root and rhizome close up
Iris sculpture flower bud close up

I was lucky to get to inherit some irises from a close friends mother who had brought some from her mothers farm and moved cross country with them! So these irises had been in their family for quite some time! It is an honor to keep the lineage going! This particular iris was a delicate deep purple hue and was the inspiration for this sculpture. Then my Montana gallery reached out wanting new work and I suggested an iris and they were excited at the idea! I love it when it works out that way!

This metal iris sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and must be kept indoors.