Large Sunflower

Happy, bright, welcoming, joyful, radiant.


21" wide x 35" tall x 9" deep


I created this sculpture for a dear friend of mine and my mother. She specifically requested a sunflower with a butterfly on it. And in order to give the butterfly any detail at all the sunflower had to be pretty large.

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Stainless steel sunflower sculpture with butterfly
Artist Aiden Dale with metal sunflower with butterfly sculpture
Close up of metal sunflower with butterfly sculpture
Super close up of butterfly on sunflower
Close up of sculpted steel sunflower leaf
Super close up of seeds on metal sunflower sculpture
Large stainless steel sunflower without butterfly
Artist Aiden Dale spotting a butterfly on stainless steel sunflower sculpture

So I got to designing! Luckily I had created a smaller sunflower before so the design elements were familiar to me. All I needed to do was make it larger, a bit more detailed and figure out a design for a very small butterfly (at least by my standards). For the butterfly I shifted the color spectrum of an existing butterfly that is white with black dots. I decided to make it blue and grind away the dot pattern making them gold and silver. I'm quite pleased with how my little butterfly turned out! And I think it ands a nice splash of blue to the over all sculpture. I really like how these sunflowers turn out. They often seem to almost glow even though I can't achieve the vibrant yellow present in most sunflowers. Mine lean more towards autumn colors due to my limited heat patina pallet. I am pleased with the overall feel of this sculpture!

This metal sunflower sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and must be kept indoors.