Live Oak Tree

Winding, gnarly, ancient, rooted, steadfast.


63" wide x 34" tall x 11" deep

This handmade live oak tree sculpture is wall hanging and is made entirely of stainless steel. I love old gnarly oak trees with their branches running along the ground creating a perfect environment for kids, or adults, to climb and play. They have so much life and character in them with their beautiful knots and reaching branches. I had wanted to make a live oak for a while and then I was asked to do a commission of a tree that was wider than it was tall. And this is what I came up with! The foliage was a unique challenge as it was tough to make feel light and airy with space between the "leaves" and allowing the viewer to see the little branches behind. And though incredibly time consuming the process proved to be quite rewarding as the tree took shape and started to take on a life of its own! This sculpture must be kept indoors.

Live oak tree sculpture

Artist Aiden Dale with his live oak tree sculpture.

Live oak tree sculpture closeup of trunk and roots

live oak tree sculpture close up of branches and foliage

Live oak tree sculpture bare without foliage.