Vibrant, intricate, calming, unfurling, vivid.


44" wide x 29" tall x 14" deep


I am mesmerized by lotus flowers, I could stare at one and lose track of time. Almost like watching a fire burn down to glowing embers.

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Metal lotus flower and leaves sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with his metal lotus sculpture.
Close up of stainless steel lotus flower sculpture
Close up of metal lotus bud
Close up of metal lotus leaf

The bright vibrant colors of their beautiful intricate blossoms floating above a layer of circular leaves has always felt magical. And their bizarre geometric conical seed pods with perfect smooth oval seeds fascinate me. It is no wonder to me that these exquisite flowers have been symbols throughout the world. In ancient Egypt they were a symbol of rebirth, in Buddhism it is associated with purity, spiritual awakening, love and compassion for all things, rising out of suffering, faithfulness and more. And in Hinduism the lotus represents becoming awakened and the core is associated with the heart. This is no surprise to me as it is such a gorgeous flower rooted in the muck pushing up through often murky water to bloom exquisitely above in the open air. This flower felt like it embodied much of where I am in my life right now and it was a joy to create one.

This lotus sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely out of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas, and must be kept indoors.