Intricate, quick, camouflage.


16" wide x 6" tall x 3" deep


I created a few of these individual mackerel sculptures to accent a much larger sculpture I made for my Wilmington NC Gallery of a 6' marlin chasing a school of mackerel.

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Individual metal mackerel sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with metal mackerel sculptures
Close up of stainless steel mackerel head
Close up of mackerel pattern
Full mackerel school and marlin sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with metal mackerel sculpture

I feel like having a few individuals that can be hung just outside of the full school adds the final touch of realism to large groupings of animals. If they are all overlapping it can feel slightly less than real to me. The eye notices these things and can take the viewer slightly out of the experience. Also it means someone wanting a smaller piece has that option! I enjoyed making these little fish. I love the camouflage patterning on top to blend in with rippling water.

This metal mackerel sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is safe to be kept outdoors!