Magic Crab

Adorned, bedazzled, mirrored, complex.


36" wide x 36" tall x 12" deep


I created two of these crabs as part of a commission for a gate in Hawaii. I was originally asked to make a blue crab but the coloring technique used for that shell fades in the elements so a pivot was in order.

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Magic crab polished metal sculpture
‍Magic crab metal sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with two colorful chromed crab sculptures
Aiden Dale with two metal magic crab sculptures

I came up with this shell design after many attempts. Once it was complete the blue crab legs and claws didn’t mesh well with the new shell so i had to rework them as well. Tying in the polished lobes of the shell with polished areas on the legs did the trick and the weld detail work around the parameter of each leg segment added the extra pop to create continuity! And a new type of crab was born! T

This metal crab sculpture is wall hanging, handmade entirely out of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is completely safe to be kept outdoors!