Manuka Boutonniere

Delicate, elegant, miniature.


5" tall x 2.5" wide x 1" deep.


I was asked by my friend Morgan to create wearable pieces for her wedding. All of the bridesmaids would get orchid flower hairpins and the groom and all the groomsmen (and women) would get manuka flower boutonnieres and manuka flower hairpins. And then Morgan would walk down the aisle with a single white metal rose.

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Stainless steel manuka flower boutonniere
Artist Aiden Dale wearing his manuka flower boutonniere sculpture
Metal manuka flower hairpin
Artist Aiden Dale wearing his metal manuka flower hairpin sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale wearing his metal manuka flower hairpin sculpture
All of the orchid and manuka flower hairpins and boutonnieres for wedding

It was such an honor to receive this request and to create these pieces for such a special occasion. On this page you can see all of the manuka flower pieces. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day and congratulations to Morgan and Conah!

These were a unique challenge as I do not have a jewelry making set up so I had to create these tiny pieces using tools that are far less precise than jewelers tools. This was both fun and frustrating. I would say it is kind of like asking someone to write a handwritten letter using a pencil the size of a baseball bat. It is possible if it is sharpened to a point but is far more challenging and not quite the tool for the job. All things considered I am happy with how these turned out and was touched to have been able to make something for Morgan and Conah.

These metal manuka flower boutonnieres and hairpins are made entirely out of stainless steel and are safe to be kept outdoors!