Swift, sporty, preditor, sleek.


72" long x 32" tall x 12" deep


I created this marlin sculpture as part of a larger installation for my Wilmington NC Gallery. This marlin was chasing a large school of mackerel in the full piece (see below).

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Metal marlin sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with metal marlin sculpture
Close up of body of steel marlin sculpture
Close up of stainless steel marlin head
Super close up of marlin eye
Full installation with stainless steel marlin and school of mackerel
Artist Aiden Dale with stainless marlin sculpture

I also recreated the 6 foot marlin to be a bit smaller. This one measures 39" wide by 16" tall by 6" deep. All photos below this are of the smaller marlin!

Artist Aiden Dale with his smaller blue marlin metal sculpture

Small blue marlin metal sculpture

Closeup of small blue marlin metal sculpture.

Marlin are such striking fish that seem to be loved by anglers, sports fishers and others for their incredible strength and beauty. They are amazing predators and are shockingly fast for such a large animal. I love their colorful stripes and pointed bill. It was so much fun creating this wonderful animal from metal. Next I want to create a sail fish the slightly smaller cousin of the marlin with a huge speckled blue dorsal fin! 

This metal mackerel school sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is safe to be kept outdoors!