Monstera Leaf

Tropical, vining, unusual, irregular, beautiful.


34" long x 14" wide 2" deep


While backpacking through Costa Rica I came across these unique enormous leaves vining their way up into the canopy. They were carved with little holes and channels and I was transfixed!

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Stainless steel monstera leaf yin yang
Single stainless monstera leaf sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with metal monstera leaf sculptures
Stainless colorful monstera leaf close up
Steel monstera leaf super close up

Years later it occurred to me that these would make a lovely and simple wall hanging sculpture. I can't achieve the vibrant green these leaves possess with the heat patina spectrum of stainless but luckily these leaves are so incredibly distinct that no one would question what they were. And the colorful striping patterns add depth and catch light beautifully especially low light which is rare and one of my favorite qualities!

This metal monstera leaf  sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and must be kept indoors.