Moon Lass

Calm, kind, serene, content.


21" wide x 21" tall x 3" deep


This moon lass sculpture was created for a friend of mine who wanted balance in her apartment. She had a sun clock and asked if I would be up for making a moon woman.

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Stainless steel moon woman sculpture
Close up of metal girl in the moon sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with stainless steel moon lass sculpture
Original paper template for moon woman sculpture

This was a very exciting idea for me! And I love having the opportunity to create something from scratch so I sat down and started drawing different takes on a woman in the moon. I didn't want it to be too simple. I wanted to create something familiar but unique, I worried it might fall into the generic "face in the moon" category but after a few sketches I found the design that felt right to me. She felt content and peaceful! So I took that design and began drawing it out of metal. This technique is one I have been recently developing and she is only the second time I have done it. Where I color the whole piece blue (hottest color) then grind everything but what I want to remain blue away and then color everything purple (second hottest color) and so on until finishing with the final silver highlights. It is a time consuming process but can create really beautiful depth and intricate magical moments of color interaction. I love it! I particularly like how the wavy hair came out in this one!

This moon woman sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is safe to be kept outdoors!