Orange Lacewing Butterfly

Colorful, delicate, intricate, weightless.


35" Wide x 26" Tall x 7" Deep


I have always been drawn to butterflies. They are ornate, intricate, detailed and delicate little creatures that flit in and out of my life creating awe and offering me with the opportunity to pause and be grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.

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Metal Orange Lacewing Butterfly Sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with his stainless steel orange lacewing sculpture!
Closeup of metal orange lacewing butterfly sculpture
Closeup of the body of orange lacewing butterfly sculpture
Aiden Dale with his orange lacewing butterfly sculpture behind his head! He probably didn't even hear it walk up. Lacewings are known for their sneakiness...

Lacewing butterflies have always mesmerized me. I find the detailed markings around the edges of the wings exquisite. I decided to make this one to challenge the amount of detail i could get butterfly. It was a fun process of coloring, grinding then re coloring to create depth. And finally carefully grinding in silver accents to set the different colored portions of the wings apart. I designed this sculpture based on the underside of this butterflies wings but decided to create it as though they were the top of the wings because it made more aesthetic sense.

This handmade metal butterfly sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is safe to be kept outdoors!