Pepsi Lobster

Bespoke, commission, gift, corporate.


30" wide x 30" tall x 10" deep


Someone from Pepsi reached out to me and requested a bespoke sculpture to be made as a gift to commemorate pepsis on going relationship with Red Lobster. They asked if I could create a large Pepsi logo and weld a red lobster to it and I said as long as they were ok with a golden reddish purple color instead of a bright red then I certainly could!

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Pepsi Red Lobster crossover sculpture made out of stainless steel colored using only torches.

Artist Aiden Dale with his metal Pepsi Red Lobster crossover commissioned sculpture.

Tilted side view of metal Pepsi Red Lobster crossover commission.

And they were up for it! The biggest challenge of this piece was getting consistent colors on the Pepsi logo. Since I do all of my coloring using only heat it can be very hard to get a consistent color over a large surface area without detail grinding or breaks in the metal to distract they eye. Because if I hold the torch slightly longer on any part of the piece it will alter the color. This is especially true for the "red" portion of the logo as it is a narrower temperature window and the colors slightly cooler and slightly hotter are noticeably different. The other challenge was getting the logo domed in a smooth clean manner. I did this by hand using an arbor press. but getting a perfect dome is near impossible by hand so I had to weld a circle out of 5/16" rod and then force the dome to meet it and weld it bit by bit until it snapped into shape.

The lobster was much more up my ally as I have made many of them before and the red color is easier as they pieces are smaller meaning if they turn out really bad I can always regrind them and start over but usually it works because there is enough other detail that your eye doesn't focus in on the subtle differences as much.

This sculpture is wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors.