Red Drum Scene

Underwater, ecosystem, fishing, scene, trophy.


38" wide x 27" tall x 6" deep


A client reached out to me online and asked if I could make a trophy for his annual red drum fly fishing tournament. His idea was to have a full underwater scene with the fish swimming through the reeds towards a lure. He wanted it mounted to a wooden base with room for plaques to be affixed to it so that each year the winner could have their name engraved on it like the Stanley Cup! I was immediately in as this sounded like a very fun project.

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Red drum underwater scene metal sculpture colored using only torches.

Artist Aiden Dale with his metal red drum underwater scene sculpture.

Closeup of metal red drum sculptures face.

Closeup of metal red drum sculpture's tail.

Closeup of stainless steel fishing lure from red drum underwater scene sculpture.

Closeup of metal sea scallop shell from red drum scene sculpture.

Photo of final red drum scene trophy mounted to its ambrosia maple base.

First off I sketched out some ideas and we came together on the basic design. I have made many red drum sculptures before so I started by making that. I then designed out the base, added some fun details like coral and a scallop shell and then made a bunch of reeds to put in front of and behind the fish to flesh out the scene but also to allow me to hide structural bars behind them to hold the fish up. Lastly I created a stainless lure and then put some stainless wire back behind reeds to be the fishing line. This piece was very fun to create especially the little details on the fly and figuring out how to get a greenish color for the first time with my torches! 

Then the last step was to create the base which I made out of ambrosia maple aka wormy maple and then it was time to box up and ship out! I can't wait to see the first person to hoist the trophy later this year! 

This sculpture is free standing but could easily be altered to be wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors.