Red Lobster

Articulated, plated, robust, powerful.


15" wide x 26" tall x 8" deep


I originally created this red lobster sculpture as part of a commission that Pepsi asked me to create as a gift to commemorate their relationship with the Red Lobster restaurant. But before welding it to the Pepsi logo I figured I should photograph it separate as I imagine people may be interested in the lobster sculpture on its own.

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Stainless steel red lobster metal sculpture.

Sculptor Aiden Dale with his red lobster metal sculpture.

Closeup of red lobster metal sculpture's tail.

I redesigned my larger lobster to be a bit smaller to fit the size parameters Pepsi was going for and I am happy I did because the final size felt really good. Red is not a color I can get with my heat patinas but I can get this reddish color in the temperature window in between gold and purple. That when put onto a full piece often reads as red even though it isn't a true red. I alway love making lobsters as they lend themselves very well to the material and turn out to have a clean satisfying look! 

This sculpture is wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors.