Red Tailed Hawk

Cunning, wild, swift, fierce, calm.


27" wide x 36" tall x 14" deep


I have been wanting to create more birds so I was thrilled when I was approached by a childhood friend and asked to make a red tailed hawk for him and his family! I was excited at the opportunity to create a beautiful raptor for someone I cared about.

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Stainless steel red tailed hawk sculpture by Aiden Dale
Artist Aiden Dale with metal red tailed hawk sculpture
Close up of metal red tailed hawk sculpture's head
Close up of metal red tailed hawk sculpture's talons
Close up of wing detail from steel red tailed hawk sculpture
Metal red tailed hawk sculpture angled
Stainless steel tree branch for red tailed hawk sculpture to land on!
Artist Aiden Dale startled by metal red tailed hawk sculpture

This was a very time consuming project as their feathers are so intricately patterned but still relatively subtle. This hawk is mostly in the white and gold color range so it relied heavily on getting the feather patterning right to have it come to life! I had to hand grind every detail with an 1/8 micro grinder. It was tedious but the final effect was completely worth it! I also loved creating the focused eye, the beak and those scary talons! Such a beautiful creature! It was also an interesting challenge to design out the body but luckily I could hide the seems needed to make the complex curves with overlapping feathers. As a metal sculptor you gotta love an animal with feathers or scales! I think this hawk turned out amazingly well and I am excited to create more birds in the future! Also strangely on a side note the day after I completed this sculpture a red tailed hawk attacked one of my chickens! Luckily I managed to chase it off and after 20 or so stitches from a vet friend little Dot is back and happy with the flock! 

This metal red tailed hawk sculpture is wall hanging, made entirely of stainless steel, colored using only heat patinas and is safe to be kept outdoors!