Sacred Heart

Resilient, bright, subtle.


26" wide x 27" tall x 7" deep.


I was approached by a friend and asked to create a wall hanging sacred heart sculpture for his partner for the holidays. The sacred heart had been an important image in her family growing up so I grabbed my sketch book and started brainstorming.

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Metal sacred heart sculpture
Artist Aiden Dale with his stainless steel sacred heart sculpture
Close up of grind detail in metal sacred heart sculpture
Close up of flames in metal sacred heart sculpture
Close up of burn details in metal sacred heart sculpture

It was really fun creating the different layers of this sculpture. When designing it I had no idea how the flames would read and was worried that it might look too busy once all the layers were assembled.  After I pieced everything together and took a step back i was surprised at how cohesive the piece was! My favorite part of this particular sculpture is the grind details in the heart. I achieved this by grinding a mat background first. Then I came and ground in swirling details with another grinding wheel. When complete the different grinds caught the light in unique ways achieving greater depth in the final product. This is something I have played around with before but I feel like this is the most successful application yet! I am excited to work with this technique more in the future.

This metal sacred heart sculpture is wall hanging and made entirely out of stainless steel and is safe to be kept outdoors!