Sand Dollar

Unique, mysterious, overlooked, esoteric.


13" wide x 13" tall x 2" deep


I am frequently asked by galleries to create smaller less expensive pieces. This can be challenging for me as what I would love to do is create only large very detailed pieces. But in one of my trips to the beach I came across a sand dollar and though it could be a fun relatively simple piece could fill some of that void.

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Stainless steel sand dollar metal sculpture.

Sculptor Aiden Dale with his sand dollar metal sculptures.

Photo showing two sizes of metal sand dollar sculptures.

So I decided to give it a shot. I created two sizes the large one measures 13" by 13" by 2" and the small one measures 7" by 7" by 1". This piece could easily be created from one piece of metal. I created it by grinding the whole piece then grinding away everything but the blue details and then came back and colored in the golden cooler color. Then I cold shaped it with my arbor press, welded a hanger on the bottom in an area that would end up silver so I could grind away the weld mark and then it was complete!

I also learned that apparently these are not only called sand dollars but also sea biscuits! I had never heard that before. Have you? I also found it interesting that it has bilateral symmetry. This is a relatively rare type of symmetry seen in faces and orchids to name a few. Meaning  it is symmetrical only across one plane. For instance a star fish is symmetrical along 5 planes but the sand dollar is only along one because of the single larger oval cut out in its shell. These holes are to allow water to flow through to help them not get lifted by currents and to allow sand to pass through them.

This sculpture is wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors.