Spiny Seahorse

Miniature, showy, whimsical, quaint.


12" wide x 26" tall x 5" deep


I have always wanted to make a seahorse and finally decided to create one for a coastal gallery order. The first problem was figuring out what type of seahorse to create! There are so many fascinating and stunning types of seahorse from the ornate leafy sea dragon (okay I know its not technically a seahorse but they are very similar) to the bizarre pygmy seahorse I finally decided to go with the spiny seahorse also known as the thorny seahorse. Although I do think there is a zebra seahorse in my future.

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Stainless steel spiny seahorse sculpture colored using only torches.

sculptor Aiden Dale with his metal spiny seahorse sculpture.

Closeup of metal spiny seahorse sculpture's head.

Closeup of spiny seahorse sculptures back fin and belly.

Anyway I digress. This seahorse stood out to me because of the "spines" or "thorns" on its back. This allowed me to create complex curing spines and then I decided to do a burnt hole pattern along the back and to line the fin and face plates. I welded on the segmented body lines then ground it and colored it using torches. Then after some cold shaping, assembling and welding on a hanger he was ready to pack up and make his way to the ocean, or gallery near the ocean at least.

This stainless steel seahorse sculpture is wall hanging and is safe to be kept outdoors.