Sterling Chiropractic Sign

Informative, Distinctive, Clean, Illuminated.


23" wide x 23" tall x 4" deep


This is a sign I created for Sterling Chiropractic. It is made from 100% stainless steel and backlit with L.E.D. strip lighting.

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Sterling sign showing half with light off and half with the full color spectrum possible with included L.E.D. strip lighting.

Sterling Chiropractic sign with backlight off.

Sterling Chiropractic sign showing full color spectrum possible from backlight.

Artist Aiden Dale with Sterling Chiropractic sign.

Sterling Chiropractic sign with light blue backlight.

Photo of back bracing and L.E.D. light setup from Sterling Chiropractic sign.

Artist Aiden Dale peeking through Sterling Chiropractic Sign.

I was asked to create a simple clean sign from Dr. Sterlings logo and to add in a backlight. This was the first project I have created with lighting involved! First I domed a piece of metal and then cut out the logo, cleaned it up with a small pencil grinder and then added the grinding texture. And finally I welded on little brackets on the back to house the L.E.D. strip lighting. It is remote controlled and can cycle through many different colors! I quite enjoyed this project and am happy with the final product! 

This sculpture is safe to be kept outdoors.