Tree of life

Elegant, familiar, sacred, connected, ancient.


38" wide x 37" tall x 8" deep


My Wilmington NC gallery reached out to me and said they had a client who was interested in a tree of life sculpture. So I grabbed my sketch pad and got to work. I wanted to create a large old weathered tree and decided an oak would be a good model. I also wanted to include a circle as the tree of life is very frequently depicted within one and I find circles to be very elegant.

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Stainless steel tree of life metal sculpture.

Artist Aiden Dale with his wall hanging metal tree of life sculpture.

Closeup of roots from metal tree of life sculpture.

Original concept sketch for tree of life metal sculpture.

I also felt it was important to include the roots as the tree of life often refers to the connection between heavens and the underworld and I find the balance of seeing branching wood reaching out for sunlight while simultaneously branching down in the darkness for water and nutrients. So I came up with the sketch above and luckily the client liked the direction I was going and he decided to work with me.

I was quite excited as I definitely want to create more trees. I had only created a couple up to this point and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I started but cutting out the various layers and burning the twigs to give them a more weathered natural feel to them. I also burnt in knots and burnt the roots into the ground to help create the illusion that they actually disappeared into the ground even though they were the same piece of metal.

I cut out foliage and colored speckles to bring in blues, golds and purples and help break them up to look more like leaves. I then colored everything using only torches and welded it all together with rod spacers to keep the foliage off the main tree to let it breath and interlacing the roots below.

I am really happy with how this piece turned out and hope to get the opportunity to create more of this design as well as more unique tree designs!

This sculpture is wall hanging and must be kept indoors as the heat patina technique used on the trunk will eventually fade when exposed to the elements but will stay just as vibrant and iridescent if kept inside.