Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

Delicate, brilliant, splendid, colorful, uplifting


28" wide x 27" tall x 8" deep

This handmade metal butterfly sculpture is wall hanging and is made entirely of stainless steel. I have always been drawn to butterflies. They are ornate, intricate, detailed and delicate little creatures that flit in and out of my life creating awe and offering me with the opportunity to pause and be grateful for the beauty that surrounds me. With this particular butterfly I was wanting to show the incredible natural beauty of uncolored unaltered stainless steel. And i feel it also allows the colored parts of the wings to really pop and have a different presence than if the whole part was colored. It was a fun challenge to try and make large sheets of metal feel weightless and alive. This sculpture is completely safe to be kept outdoors!

Metal zebra swallowtail butterfly sculpture

Artist Aiden Dale with zebra swallowtail butterfly sculpture

Zebra swallowtail butterfly wing close up

Zebra swallowtail butterfly body close up